The Connector

Jeremy Taylor


After decades working in the region, most recently as Chief Executive of Gatwick Diamond Business bringing business, education and government bodies together, I have launched The Connector Businesses. 

With a clear understanding of the needs of business, the community and of regional public policy, I am ideally placed to assist your business and drive growth. 

I am also an experienced public speaker, facilitator and host so please contact me now to discuss your business needs.

Business - Education - Government


It is 'who you know' that counts

Working with you we will devise your engagement strategy and help you reach the businesses or other organisations you want and need to reach.

 We will help you by bringing together businesses to develop commercial relationships as customer, supplier or collaborative partner both in the UK and abroad.

International Opportunities


As we approach Brexit, businesses need more support to improve their trading opportunities, particularly outside of Europe. North America is a natural trading destination due to common language and close cultural ties. 

It can be seen that North American businesses are still keen to trade into the UK and Europe and will require support and assistance. 

The Company Connector will create relationships with targeted locations on the Gatwick Route Map.  In particular we will explore city destinations that are not seen as the natural ‘go-to’ place for business, but still have significant commercial opportunities and a vibrant economy. 


Jeremy Taylor - Speaker - May19 (pdf)


The Company Connector UK-Tx Trade Support 2019 (pdf)


The Company Connector US-UK Trade Support 2019 (pdf)


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